To bring an oil and gas company into total compliance with all Maritime Security (MARSEC) regulations and remain in compliance for all future audits and inspections.


Conducted the audit on all U.S. Coast Guard-regulated portions in 33 CFR 154, 155 and 158 consisting of docks, products, transferring of products across docks, shipping and receiving products, and Certificate of Adequacy Marpol requirements of facilities. Audit also pertained to Maritime Security, Area Maritime Security, and Maritime Security for vessels and facilities. Also assisted in HAZMAT and PSM audits, Marine Pollution Prevention Response Plan for Oil Facilities, and Transfer regulations discharge cleanup Response Plans.

Developed a streamlined process in the form of a compliance matrix to ensure security compliance with all applicable regulations of the company facilities. The matrix was developed so that the use was conducive to all facilities.


Absolute compliance was achieved with the USCG marine security regulations by using the process put in place such as the use of the matrix. No violations have been recorded since its use began over three years ago.