Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee is President and Owner of R. Lee & Associates, LLC. She served in the Financial and Banking industry for 12 years and has three years of federal law enforcement and port security/military experience with the U. S. Coast Guard plus 10 years’ experience working with local and federal law enforcement agencies and public security. Rebecca served as a member of the FBI Fraud Task Force and as a member of the Secret Service Fraud Task Force for over 6 years, investigating, mitigating and preventing fraudulent activity that consisted of amounts over $250,000.00.

As Fraud Investigator for the financial industry, Rebecca worked as team lead for consumer fraud operations in charge of investigating, tracking and managing consumer disputes and fraudulent activity. She was was responsible for analyzing, investigating and resolving issues related to the CCA Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). She worked closely with business unit supervisors, law enforcement, and outside vendors to achieve resolution and maintain minimal expenses in fraud review, collateral control and loss mitigation.

Rebecca manages R. Lee & Associates' day-to-day operations and provides manual and audit review, training support, and administrative and financial services.

Randall S. Lee, USCG (ret), CIPS
Vice President

Randall (Randy) Lee has 21 years of federal law enforcement and port security/military experience with the U.S. Coast Guard and seven years’ experience in local law enforcement and public security. As a supervisor in the USCG, he supervised over 1,000 marine facility terminal audits on over 300 facilities, including monitoring marine transfer operations and vessel inspections at marine transfer terminals. Randall performed inspections and surveys for manual reviews at more than 200 facilities and refineries annually and was regulatory reviewer of all facility operations related to emergency, security and OPA 90 (Oil Protection Act) response contingency plans.

Randall has clearly established himself as one of the leading security experts in the industry while providing clients the most affordable and compliant end products. He has significant experience as Federal On-Scene Coordinator Representative for major marine oil and chemical firefighting and spill responses, and has coordinated post-spill environmental quality assessments and assisted in development of several area Emergency Response Contingency Plans. He worked three years under the direction of Incident Command for the BP Macondo Well Mississippi Canyon (MC252) oil spill response in the Gulf of Mexico serving in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida in the Regional Environmental and Regulatory Compliance and Waste Coordinator roles in which he directed personnel overseeing environmental audits/inspections and waste management/transport compliance inspections.

Named in the Biltmore 2009 Honors Edition of “Who’s Who among Executives & Professionals,” Randall is a Certified Infrastructure Preparedness Specialist and an authorized Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information User.

Prior to his founding of RLA, Randall was a consultant with ERM in Baton Rouge, La., and served seven years as a Police Officer with the Baton Rouge City Constables Office, where he also served as an Airport Rescue Firefighter. He is a 21-year veteran retired from the U.S. Coast Guard. A graduate of Western Illinois University, Randall has completed extensive security, emergency management and environmental compliance certifications.