R. Lee & Associates (RLA) are regulatory compliance specialists who work with the private sector to develop appropriate policies and management systems to manage business risks such as environmental and social issues, new regulations, consumer concerns, and supply chain issues. Our senior-level consultants offer expertise in the fields of Training and Consulting, Organizational Development, and Audits and Assessment to clients operating in demanding workplace environments. Based in South Louisiana, RLA has built a solid reputation for professionalism, efficiency and high level of service.

We offer services including:

  • MTSA/MARSEC Security Compliance - Training, Drills and Audits
  • Facility Security Manual re-submits and amendments
  • USCG Compliance - Operational Manual updates and submissions
  • Dock Pre-Inspections
  • Liaison with Regulatory Agencies
  • Certified Preparedness Specialist services, to include Security Vulnerability Assessments
  • Site Security Plans
  • Business Security Practices
  • Vulnerability Mitigation

RLA has extensive experience in Maritime Safety and Security, industrial compliance, U.S. Coast Guard compliance, Emergency Response, and Waste Management, Business Security, Security Vulnerability Assessments, Mitigation of Vulnerabilities and Site Security Plans. RLA consultants are a knowledgeable group of advisers with extensive federal law enforcement, port security, USCG and local law enforcement experience as well as numerous professional certifications.